Help Save the Adoption Tax Credit
from Being Eliminated

Under the recently unveiled House Majority’s tax reform proposal, the Adoption Tax Credit will be eliminated! This is a very serious loss that will have a significant impact on the future of thousands of adoptions. As adoptive parents and advocates, it’s time to take action!

This bill is by no means the final word on tax reform. There is a long process ahead in the House and Senate, beginning with a Chairman’s Markup of the bill in committee on Monday. This markup will reflect heavily on the feedback from this proposal.

Please go to: and show your support of ATC!

We need your help! Call, text, tweet, Instagram, or email your Congressional Representatives asking them to save the Adoption Tax Credit and do it TODAY as decisions are being made very soon that could determine the fate of the adoption tax credit. It truly makes a difference when Congress hears directly from their constituents.

Please inform your community of this news by sharing the ATC Working Group official statement, Facebook post, Twitter thread, and Instagram pic. Let’s get #SaveTheATC trending on Twitter and make our voices heard!

Thanks so much. Together we can make a difference!