Poultry Program | Kampala, Uganda

Little Chicks was established last year to provide nutritious eggs for market, as an income generating source of revenue for God's Mercy Orphanage, located in the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda.

God's Mercy Orphanage serves over 40 children, many of whom have been abandoned or relinquished, by providing them with a stable home, food, education and medical attention. For most of these children, God's Mercy is the only home they have known and they will continue to live there until adulthood, under the caring guidance of their current director.

This project was initiated with the building of a chicken coop, the purchase of 150 chicks, feed, and related equipment. A project site was identified at the beginning of 2015. Construction began and was finished by June. Subsequently, a group of young laying hens has been introduced and egg production has begun!


While we have pledged to continue providing breakfast, we need your help. Imagine: a donation of $1000 can feed 300 children each semester! Breakfast can make a big difference in the lives of children!





Poultry rearing for Little Chicks is being done in the Kayunga area of Uganda.


Proceeds from the sale of “layer” hens and eggs goes directly to provide more nourishing meals for the 40 plus children who live at God’s Mercy Orphanage. Thanks to the additional revenue generated by this project, the home is able to provide more steady sources of protein to the daily diets of the infants, toddlers and school age children who reside there.