Entrepreneurship Program | Kampala, Uganda

Uganda–once called "The Pearl of Africa" by the British– is a beautiful, land-locked country that borders Lake Victoria. While there have been great strides to provide education for Ugandan's youth in the last decade, less than half of young students who finish primary school will go on to secondary school. The availability of "free" education is extremely limited and most Ugandan families simply cannot afford to send their children to high school, let alone primary school.

Good Samaritan School in Kampala, Uganda, is one of the scarce "open" schools that accepts children who cannot pay enrollment fees. It serves over 300 children, ages 5 to 12. Many of these youth will not go on to attend high school and therefore, are in critical need of learning vocational skills that can help them generate income for their families once they leave school.

In response to this need, BAAS International, in collaboration with Good Samaritan School, set in motion a program that will enable students to learn vocation skills in culinary training. The program began on December 23, 2014 with the purchase of a stove – provided by donations of BAAS International and since that time has trained over 150 students in basic cooking and bakery skills.

During a visit by BAAS staff, in May of 2015, we were treated to a demonstration of the program in which students produced man-doughs (a type of Ugandan pastry) and vegie pies–turnovers with stuffed potatoes. Both of these products are eaten readily in Ugandan society and have the capability of being easy to produce and transport. Students are eager to get involved with this program and were able to produce enough pastries for the entire school assembly of 320 during our visit!

Future plans for the Little Bakers Program include extending the work space area and creating a new "work station" for the production of pastry dough. Along with extending and creating a work station, other components to the training program will include: courses in safety and sanitation, nutrition studies, business management, accounting and marketing strategies.


While we have pledged to continue providing breakfast, we need your help. Imagine: a donation of $1000 can feed 300 children each semester! Breakfast can make a big difference in the lives of children!





Little Bakers Entrepreneurship program is located on the school premises of Good Samaritan Elementary School, in Kampala, Uganda.


Little Bakers is able to train students, 8 years old and above, in basic culinary practices. Several dozen students are trained per school semester. 200 youth are able to participate in this program annually.