Nicaragua is a beautiful nation located in Central America, bordering Costa Rica and Honduras. The land boasts of natural beauty and Nicaragua has rich colonial past and cultural heritage. Nonetheless, Nicaragua still suffers from an enormous economic gap between rich and poor. Many poor families, and particularly unwed mothers, can contribute to the fact that numerous children need permanent placement in loving homes. While Nicaragua makes every effort to place abandoned and relinquished children domestically within Nicaragua, there are still children who need families.


Nicaraguan children waiting for permanent loving homes are well cared for as they wait to be matched with their forever families. As your homestudy agency, BAAS partners with other agencies who will serve as the primary provider for Nicaraguan adoption process.

While waiting for placement, children are cared for in foster care centers, private baby care homes, or local orphanages. Children are cared for under the direction of the Ministerio de La Familia, Adolescencia y Ninez in Nicaragua and may be referred for adoption if they have met the criteria of orphan status and include the following characteristics:

  • Children 36 months old and above.
  • Families must be willing to accept children with special needs, which may include a background of birth family disruption and relinquishment.
  • Older children, ages 3 years and above.
  • Sibling groups


  • Must live within the BAAS licensing area of northern California. Please read additional Legal Requirements.
  • Married couples.
  • Must be under 55 years old. One spouse must stay in country  for 10 to 20 weeks with child.


The referral time frame, once a family is paperwork ready, is 12 to 24 months for referral. Please note, some children may be available for immediate referral who have specific needs. Once a child has been assigned, the family is expected to travel to Nicaragua within 1 to 2 months. The stay in Nicaragua is 10-20 weeks for one spouse.


The partner agency (also known as the primary provider) will translate your documents, forward your dossier to Nicaragua and monitor its progress. Once your dossier has been reviewed and approved, you will be placed on the waiting list for a referral. The partnering agency will inform you when you have been matched with a child.


Both parents must travel.  One parent can return to U.S. after court appearance and the other spouse must remain in country until finalization.

Interested in Adopting from Nicaragua

Please contact BAAS International