Korea enjoys an ancient history and rich cultural heritage. Seoul is now a modern and thriving metropolis. Nonetheless, there are children in need of homes due to unplanned pregnancies primarily of young, single women. Korea makes every effort to find homes domestically for the children who need them. However, adoption is not always culturally accepted by extended families in Korea.

BAAS International, while not having a direct program to Korea, has the privilege of partnering with several different agencies recognized by the government of South Korea to conduct international adoptions. These agencies (which also serve as the primary provider) give assistance to various government approved children’s homes in the region and have a long history of conducting international adoptions there.


Korean children in need of permanent, loving families have often been relinquished at birth. A comprehensive social report is created for every child. All children must be approved by the central authority and many children are slightly under 1 year old at time of referral. Some children may have identified needs.

  • Children ages 10 months and older need loving homes
  • More boys are waiting for placement
  • Children are in foster care and become available for adoption due to birth parent(s) relinquishment
  • Social and medical background information at least for the birth mother and the child is provided at time of Referral
  • All children are tested for hepatitis B, HIV, and syphilis


  • Married couples only
  • One parent of the couple must be a US citizen
  • Parents must be open to either gender
  • Parents must be of medium weight
  • Married at least 3 years
  • Both parents must be between 25 and 45 years old
  • CA parents must be pre-approved by Korean government before applying to program
  • Families must present written confirmation, from their insurer, that their child will have medical coverage upon arrival to the U.S.
  • Both parents must travel on first trip
  • Upon arrival to US, one parent must stay at home with child at least 6 weeks
  • Parents must comply with all mandatory post placement reporting requirements


The new Korea Adoption Act, effective August 8th, 2012, establishes a Family Court Procedure for the
approval of a child to a specific family. Social Welfare Society is awaiting instruction from the Korean Government regarding additional documentation and this new Procedure is expected to delay in the arrival of the children. Below are estimated wait times for referral and travel, which can vary according to each individual case.

  • Wait from dossier completion to referral is 6-12 months
  • Two trips to Korea are required
  • The first trip is 7-10 days in country for court hearing and child introduction
  • Parents return home until final processing, 4 – 6 week wait
  • One or both parents return for final trip
  • Time from referral to finalization is 9-10 months.
  • Time for wait for referral and final processing may vary according to individual agency


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